Aura Digi

Digital marketing is essential in healthcare for a variety of reasons and has become an indispensable element in the current healthcare business model. It helps to Increase Brand Visibility, Sustainable Growth, Positive Reputation among Patients, Improved Patient Experience, Targeted Marketing, Patient Engagement and Communications, Cost Effective Marketing and overall Patient Satisfaction.


Optmycare is a AI platform empowers healthcare providers with accurate medical data, Pyors with real time analysitics patients with to take charge of their health.

Primary Care Associates

Primary Care Associates Of Texas is based out of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex offering patient focused primary care services to the community.


Laurient is a medical scrub company known for its high-performance and stylish scrubs, and it relies on e-commerce as its primary sales channel to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals.


Plexus offers an EMR system that combines analytics and real-time outputs, allowing healthcare providers to generate insights related to both clinical outcomes and cost management.

Personal website

A platform where individuals present themselves to the world in a digital format. Personal websites showcases personal information, interests, accomplishments, or any other content that they want to share with others on the internet.