Aura Digi

“One-size-fits-all" approach is flawed and has not been successful in marketing strategies. Campaigns should be differentiated to suite the individual needs of each unique customer. Only then customers will attain the best possible outcome from a digital marketing campaign. It is an organized technique to achieve your business goals. When executed promptly it,
-Amplifies brand awareness
-Attracts new leads
-Improves brand reputation

Market research

At Aura, we start any campaign with a Market research. Even before designing a campaign, a detailed market research to determine your market penetration and key competitors would be highly beneficial. This audit also helps to evaluate your brand strength and weakness.

1 Objective

Objective is the purpose of the campaign and this totally depends on your business needs and demands. You should also be determining your marketing budget at this point to fulfill the campaign goals.

2 Audience

Businesses have different needs. When needs differ; audiences differ. We guide you thru this crucial step to make sure the message is properly funneled and not lost. A successful marketing plan depends on clear definition of people who you want to reach.

3 Message

We are dealing with humans, meaning emotions. We think from your audience's shoes before crafting any messages. Our creative team can help blend captivating imagery and relevant information along with a call to action.

4 Channels

Not all marketing channels are the same. Once audience and messaging are finalized, now it’s time to choose the media channel to communicate the messaging. We can help you choose the right marketing channel, depending on your business model (B2B or B2C)

5 Measure

After implementation comes analysis. Monitoring and tweaking is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. Depending on the performance, our team will adjust the campaigns when necessary to perform better.